Becoming a Partner

How long does it take to be verified? Partnered? Made an Ambassador?

The verification process is automatic, and you can expect to get a response in your email within approximately a week.

To be made partner, the team will manually review your application, which will also take approximately 1-2 weeks. You will hear back in an email.

There is no timeline for the offer of becoming an Indie Boost Ambassador -- the team keeps track of the amount of content each influencer submits, then watches through to determine if your content is the right fit. If we feel you’re a good match, we will reach out!

Who reviews the application?

The whole Indie Boost team reviews your applications, but if you have any questions, please direct them to Jenny ([email protected]).

What can I do to have a higher chance of approval?

Request keys and make quality content, consistently.

What is “quality content”?

When we say quality content, we are hoping that you engage with the game -- and with your audience about the game -- versus simply posting silent gameplay footage. We hope for this type of content on a regular basis from our partners -- approximately 4-6 pieces a month (which breaks down to about 1 Indie Boost game covered each week). Of course, there is no minimum!

Partner Requirements

What do Indie Boost Partners have to do?

We look for content creators who are meeting, and maintaining, a 4-6 content creation submission goal for each month in Indie Boost. In addition to that, we have a few guidelines we would highly appreciate:

  • Display the Indie Boost Partner logo in your info panels, on the stream, or on your video when promoting a game.
  • Mention the promotion while on video or stream
  • Feel free to tag us when going live or posting content
  • Please follow all applicable laws, rules, and requirements of the FTC and other governmental authorities that regulate commercial relationships and disclosures.

What if I can’t make a specific amount of content per month?

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but we use this as a guideline to determine overall engagement in the Indie Boost platform. Of course, life happens, and some months you may have more or less content. That’s okay!

If your account is not active (no content submitted) in over 30 days, we will place a hold on it, until you let us know you’re back. This is to prevent keys from being requested, but not ultimately used to help promote the games.

What if I don’t like a game that I requested, and I don’t want to cover it?

While we hope you can avoid this as much as possible by customizing your profile so the best-fit games will find their way into your Discovery Page, we realize this can happen!

We appreciate you letting us know, and when you next request a game key, there will be a window you can fill out regarding why the previous game was not a good fit for you to cover.

If my account is placed on hold, how do I start requesting keys again?

Just let us know you’re back by sending us an email or Intercom message! We’ll open it right back up.

Partner Perks

What are Gigs?

Gigs are the partner-exclusive opportunity to be able to earn money while creating content! Developers will put out Gigs for their games, letting creators know that they’re looking for paid content. If you think you’re a good fit, you can answer with a Bid.

The developer/publisher will be able to look at the Bids offered and then pick the content creator(s) who they think are the best fit -- and after your content is submitted, you’ll get paid! It’s as easy as that!

What are Bids?

Bids are what you’ll provide the developer. Essentially, you’re communicating how much you’d like to be paid for requested piece of content.

How do the Bids work?

When developers put in a Gig, they provide us with the agreed upon amount, so it prevents you from creating content unnecessarily: the money is already secured. As soon as your content is submitted, it will be reviewed to make sure it meets any requirements of the Gig, and then your payment will be sent within 7 business days via Payoneer. 

When will I be paid?

Within 7 business days of your content being approved.

Where do I get paid?

Via Payoneer.