How do I get started?

To get started, you can create a Publisher/Developer account here. You can then create your game page by either filling in the form or auto populating it from your steam store page. Once the site admin has approved your page, which should take no longer than 24 hours your game will get featured to media and influencers interested in your genre.

Are influencers on the platform verified?

Yes, each and every influencer and journalist on the indie boost platform is manually verified by our team.

Will I get email notifications when I get key requests?

Yes, you will get notifications whenever someone requests a key or when content is produced.

How often do I have to check on my account/game page?

If you have not turned off your email notifications you will get an alert each time something significant happens on your account. Such as a new key being requested or a new piece of content being produced. It’s generally a good idea to come back and check once in a while to see if there is any new content on your report page that you may have missed.

I signed up, but I haven’t received my verification email

If it’s not in your spam, email [email protected] or ping us on Intercom!

When are more features going to be available?

We are constantly building out new features and refining the features we do have based on your feedback and requests. If there is something that you would really like to see improved or implemented feel free to reach out to us via the chat.

I made my game page, but I’m not getting any key requests. Did I do something wrong?

Indie Boost’s algorithms are designed to get your game exposure when it most needs it. Ensure that you have all your store pages and correct launch dates listed. Having a striking header image and game description is key to attracting attention. We’re constantly onboarding new media and influencers and widening our reach to ensure that every game gets the attention it deserves. If you are still finding that you are struggling to get your game out there, perhaps using a media or influencer boost will get you ahead of the pack.

Can I publish a game page even if I don’t have keys yet?

Yes, absolutely! While we encourage you to post your game only if you have keys for at least a beta or demo of your game you can still post it and accept key requests. Once you are ready to send them you can go ahead and submit your keys and the influencer or journalist in question will receive an email update.

Do you have any suggestions to improve my game page?

Make sure to include high-quality, high-resolution images to show off your game as best as possible. In your game’s description, try to use proper spelling and grammar, and write a short, but impactful description blurb about the game. Try to think about what players will enjoy about your game. What sets your game apart from other games of its genre? When applicable, try to use action words to create a “call to action” to encourage media and influencers to check out your game.

What are the ideal dimensions for the header image of my game page?

The Ideal dimensions for the header are 1500px by 500px

I got an interview request, how do I connect with the interviewer?

Once you have accepted an interview the interviewer will receive your contact details and reach out to you via email.

What does a game page do?

Setting up a game page on Indie Boost allows you to start organically reach verified content creators and journalists on the platform. Once you create your game page, our system matches it with creators and press who are most likely to cover it, then shows them your game page. They can then request keys or interviews from you.

What types of influencers do you have on the platform?

We believe that the quality of the coverage you get is paramount, and our goal is to connect you to influencers whose communities will love your game and want to buy it. We have lots of different influencers and press, from the top online publications down to the most dedicated micro-influencers with die-hard communities. If you’d like to see some of our recent content submissions, you can check out our recent coverage page.

How many influencers do you have?

We have thousands of content creators and press, but the number of influencers you will reach depends on the genre of your game and the platforms it’s available on. Since our system matches you with influencers who have covered similar games in the past, you have a better chance of getting noticed!

Can I include a message/tutorial link/press kit when I send keys?

Currently, you can only send a key as a response to a key request.

How much does the service cost?

It’s free to set up as many game pages as you like. You can find more information about pricing for boosts here.

How much does the service cost?

It’s free to set up as many game pages as you like. You can find more information about pricing for boosts here.

Can I use Indie Boost even if I’m already working with a PR firm?

Yes, Indie Boost is a tool that can be used by game developers, publishers, and PR people. All our features are designed to work alongside your existing outreach efforts.

What are boosts and how do they work?

Boosts automatically generate a press release from your game page, then send it out to the YouTubers, streamers, and/or journalists who are most likely to cover your game. Boosts contain a list of preloaded keys that can be redeemed instantly.
Before you purchase a boost, you can see the expected reach of your boost. You can review the list of contacts before you send it and remove anyone you’ve already reached out to as well as anyone you’d rather not send a key to.

What can I use boosts for? If I want to send a boost, when is the best time?

You can send a boost to get the word out about your upcoming release, before an important update or DLC, as well as a big sale you might want to get attention for. We suggest sending a boost about 2-3 weeks before the day of your event to give our content creators and press time to prepare their content.

If I send a boost, how many people will it go out to?

You can see the number of people your boost will go out to before you purchase it. The expected reach of each boost is displayed on the boost page in your dashboard.

Will I be able to see the list of contacts before the boost goes out?

Before you send out your boost, you can review the list of contacts your boost will go out to. You can then remove any contacts you’ve already reached out to, or anyone who you would prefer not to send a key to.

Do I have to send keys with a boost?

Yes, you do need to send keys with a boost.

How many keys should I add?

We suggest adding keys for about 10% of the recipients of your boost. If your expected reach is 100 people, we would recommend adding 10 keys.

I want to set my boost for a certain day and it won’t let me. What’s going on?

We have selected certain days of the week where open rates are higher. Additionally, if there are a lot of boosts scheduled for one day, we block off that date to prevent too many boosts from going out on the same day. If you need help picking a new date, please feel free to reach out and we can help you schedule a good day to send out your boost.

How long will it take for my boost to be approved?

After you submit your boost, it should be approved within 24 hours. If it is not approved within this time frame, please reach out to us and we will look into why!

How soon can I start to expect content submissions after sending a boost?

You can expect seeing content submissions around 2-3 weeks after your boost goes out. Please be advised that if you send a boost during a holiday week or near the date of a big event, it may take longer.